Night of Shadows
A High Fantasy Epic

Ben Hayward presents an evocative twist-filled tale of suspense, intrigue and page-devouring action.

A wonderfully inventive
story set in a marvelously
imagined fictional world
- Michael Nava -
Author of Rag and Bone

Whispers of a Black Wind

In their guise they appear almost as shadows, wraiths draped in consuming black cowls. Yet beneath are men, or rather darkness where men once were. The Maisaru have returned to the lands beyond the Veil.

The shadows seem to gather with their coming. The Nadessar, those mortals who once defeated them, are vanished, dead or scattered, the few survivors stalked ruthlessly across the lands. Forgotten evils stir in the forests of Durgar and Mirwin. An ancient darkness haunts the isles of the Wise. Dissension fills the fabled halls of Ellysia and the seeds of betrayal are sown in the Silver Cities of Allakan. Dark rumbles of war echo anew from the Vale of Kavorn as the great kingdoms of Morshal and Nemos gird their armies for battle.

A gripping High Fantasy epic, The Bleeding Sun tantalizes and fulfills through every exquisite twist. Experience a rich immersive world filled with vivid and compelling characters. A world where history runs deep and the secrets of the past are as vital as the perils of the present.