Night of Shadows


A wonderfully inventive
story set in a marvelously
imagined fictional world
- Michael Nava -
Author of Rag and Bone


The Whisperwood
Sample Chapter:Ghosts Within the Gray

Book I: A Night of Shadows

They had always said he would return to the wilds one day. He had, but not in the way they'd imagined. Now they relied upon him to keep the wilds at bay.

As a child Tiran had heard the villagers' whispers, but he had never cared. He'd always been different. A strange child with striking green eyes and reflexes that scarcely seemed possible, much less human. It had been Morin who had found him as an infant, abandoned and alone amidst the black tangled morass of the Whisperwood. Many had questioned why the Hero of Sadon would devote so much attention to the wild child he had found. None questioned now.

Morin had raised and trained him since the day he was old enough to hold a blade. Tiran was the youngest ever to don the gray, a rare talent even among the peerless warriors, trackers and bounty hunters of the Eastland Ghosts. Morin claimed the boy would surpass even him one day. Tiran was driven. The best. Morin only hoped it would be enough.

Book I of The Bleeding Sun explores the harsh frontier kingdom of Cathal, where bandits ply the forest roads and strange creatures lurk among the trees. The remote village of Halvern rests at the very edge of the civilized lands, the last bastion of humanity before the ruined kingdom of Dorhal and the Lands of the Lost. Life is hard but simple in its way, yet easy smiles can hide secrets, and secrets once unearthed are not so easily put to rest.

Sample Chapter:The Voice for a Nation

Book II: Seeds of the Fire

"I wore white for a time, but the cloth always seemed to attract stains, and what started as pure ever darkened to gray." - Ayachi

He was a wanderer whose wanderings were at an end. A hunted man, who refused to run. An outcast champion. A general without an army. He gave no name yet called himself Ayachi, Traitor in the High Speech, but what manner of man titles himself as such? Nalaar was all of those things and more -- a renegade Faeven, a disgraced master of the inner power. He was the fan upon the embers of Terial.

Book II of The Bleeding Sun travels to the bustling plazas, dark alleys and marbled corridors of the great western city of Terial. Seeds of the Fire weaves a captivating web of mystery, motive and intrigue, from the torturous maneuvers of the High Court to the calculating designs of the criminal underworld. The hopes of merchants and dockhands, the plots of nobles and kings are all entwined as the great city is set ablaze by the compelling enigma of a lone dark stranger.


Book III: Stirrings of a Storm

"You choose a bleak hour to enter Mirwin. The Wildwood whispers with the winds of change and strange shadows gather in the forest's heart." - Mirina

No one noticed at first, or perhaps no one cared. The first to vanish were undesirables and malcontents, but it did not stop there. People are missing in the Aenari homeland of Mirwin. Aenari from every station and House, and Humans from the trade cities and caravans as well. They vanish without a sign, the only traces cryptic verses excised from ancient histories and myths. Mirina claims an unfamiliar foulness has crept into the air, and the howls of the Lynthan stir near-forgotten memories of a long-vanquished peril.

In Book III of The Bleeding Sun, the twin tales of Tiran and Nalaar intertwine. As Tiran finds shelter in the mysterious Aenari realm of Mirwin, Nalaar is welcomed to the guarded merchant nation of Lorriean. Yet nothing is as it seems. A shadowy menace afflicts the Wildwood and unseen assassins stalk Nalaar's every step. Stirrings of a Storm will keep you guessing until the end, with a concluding revelation that will send you running for the first books all over again.